Microblading is a treatment which requires precision and attention to detail to produce the best results on clients. A high-quality lighting set up not only reduces strain on the eyes but it also helps the artist to see better when carrying out a treatment.

Having a good lighting set up is as important to the procedure as the microblading tools – without it, artists will not be able to achieve their full potential. It is also useful for artists taking professional photographs of their work for their portfolio.

Choosing the best lighting for your microblading business can be a daunting task so we have compiled some information about the lights available to buy from Killer Beauty and why they could be a good fit for you.

Floor Lamps

Daylight Aura Ring Lamp

Light weight and portable, this light is easy to adjust with only one hand, and has a phone holder for taking social media pictures and videos. This lamp features a high colour rendering index (CRI) of 90+ for accurate skin tone and colour matching. A continuous dimmer also gives the artist full control over the light intensity and the ring shape of the light is very comfortable on the eyes.

Daylight Slimline LED Lamp

Perfect for lighting up a larger work area, this brushed steel chrome light has a four-step dimmer to allow for brightness control, which also helps reduce strain on the eyes. Great for colour matching, the two flexible joints make it easy to manoeuvre and direct the light exactly where you need it.

Daylight Gemini Floor Lamp

This firm favourite amongst the beauty industry combines flexibility and stability. This lamp helps deliver high-contrast colour matching and the dual shades can be flexed to shine in whichever direction you need, holding any position.

Lightweight and portable, this lamp comes with 4 brightness settings and includes a flexible, detachable mobile phone holder with a USB port for taking pictures or videos for social media and portfolio.

Desk Lamps

Daylight Slimline LED Table Lamp

This 5W LED light is a great choice for colour matching and includes a four-step dimmer to allow you to adjust lighting to your preference. The flexible arm provides wide and even light coverage, and you can adjust to shine in whatever direction you require. It also comes with a high-quality metal clamp which can be fixed to a table securely.

Daylight Omega 3.5 Magnifier Light

The Omega 3.5 Magnifier Light from Daylight aims to reduce any strain on the eyes during length procedures and emits a high-quality white light, to accurately replicate natural daylight.

The 5-dioptre magnification helps artists reduce eye strain, headaches, or eye fatigue over long periods and at only 1.5kg, it is super lightweight and easy to adjust. You can manoeuvre the light to shine in whatever direction required for both PMU treatments and social media photographs. It also comes with a handy carry bag.

What lighting set up you use for your microblading business depends on the treatment area, level of brightness required and personal preference.

If your treatment room has a lot of natural light or high-quality ceiling lights, you may need a different light compared to an artist working in a darker space.

We hope this list has helped you understand the different types of lighting available and which style may be best suited to your business.