Cheyenne cartridges

Killer Beauty stocks the incredibly popular Cheyenne HAWK needle cartridges, as well as the permanent make-up brand's excellent HAWK Craft cartridges.

Cheyenne HAWK needle cartridges are quickly interchangeable and have their own integrated membrane that keeps pigment and blood contained in the cartridge and away from your machine grip.

Thanks to the interchangeable design of the Cheyenne HAWK PMU cartridges, you can change between needle configurations in a matter of seconds, making your life easier and saving you time, and therefore money.

Cheyenne HAWK Craft Cartridges have all the qualities you have come to expect from Cheyenne: excellent needle cartridges for permanent make-up procedures that are easy to use and replace.

What sets the Cheyenne HAWK Craft Cartridges apart from other PMU cartridges is the simplified design. The tips are made from a single mould of medical grade plastic, designed to withstand the continuous movement of the needles, so they will not break up and release small bits of plastic into your client's skin.