We stock three different types of tape at Killer Beauty: grip wrap, microporous tape, and autoclave indicator tape.

Killer Beauty Grip Wraps are available in a variety of colours and offer extra comfort to your existing permanent make-up machine grip without adding any extra weight to it.

Our grip wraps are self-adhesive, so they will not leave any sticky residue on your PMU machine grip after use. Flexible yet tough, Killer Beauty Grip Wraps are also non-allergenic and latex-free.

We also stock Killer Beauty Microporous Paper Tape that is hypoallergenic and suitable for a variety of different uses. Use our Micropore tape to secure dressings, cling film, lap cloths, and more to yourself, your client or work surface.

Autoclave Indicator Tape is for use in your steam autoclave sterilisers. The strong adhesive tape turns black when the sterilisation process is complete.