Silverback Ink

Formulated and manufactured in the USA by artist Randy Scott Howell, the Silverback Ink� range of permanent make-up pigments comprises various blacks and grey washes that guarantee even healing and perfect PMU results every time!

All permanent make-up pigments from Silverback Ink� are vegan-friendly and comply with EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1.

Silverback Ink�'s XXX Grey Wash Series� is the original grey wash series! It is lighter than the Silverback Ink� DARK Grey Wash Series� and contains the following four pigments: XXX 1, XXX 2, XXX 3, and XXX 4.

The Silverback Ink� DARK Grey Wash Series� is exactly how it sounds: DARK! It is darker than the Silverback Ink� XXX Grey Wash Series� and contains the following three pigments: DARK 6, DARK 66, and DARK 666.

Killer Beauty stocks the complete set of 10 Silverback Ink� Insta10Shade Grey Wash Series. All of the shades have been created from Silverback Ink�'s popular InstaBlack pigment. Each number of Silverback Ink� Insta10Shade has been precisely blended to produce a distinct and consistent grey wash shade.

We also stock Silverback Ink�'s popular black PMU pigments, InstaBlack and Stupid Black. InstaBlack is one of the most widely-used 'blacker than black' permanent make-up pigments from Silverback Ink� and goes into the skin super easy! Silverback Ink� Stupid Black is an all-purpose black that is so black it's stupid!

Silverback Ink� Stupid Black contains the same ingredients as InstaBlack, but is just mixed in a different way. Stupid Black has a sticky consistency, whereas Silverback Ink� InstaBlack goes in to the skin more velvety.

Silverback Ink� Black Th1rt3en and 3 Shade Grey Wash Series set is the latest, and possibly greatest, creation from artist Randy Scott Howell! The viscosities of these permanent make-up pigments are completely different to what Silverback Ink� has made in the past.

Black Th1rt3en has a good body, is just a bit thicker than water, and fully coats the needle during permanent make-up procedures. Perfect for a variety of PMU and SMP procedures! If you prefer more shades in your series or need to adjust for your client's skin tone, you can easily mix Silverback Ink� Black Th1rt3en with the Dark Grey Wash to get the exact shade you need.