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Killer Beauty stocks a variety of permanent make-up brushes that are perfect for everyday use and utilised in range of PMU procedures.

Our fine tip brushes are perfect for isolating specific eyebrow hairs without touching or disturbing the hairs on the rest of the brow. They can be used on brows to give precise shape when colouring using regular brow tints or Henna.

Killer Beauty's fine tip brushes can also be utilised for more delicate PMU procedures, such as eyelash treatments, when cleaning residue off eyelashes/eyebrows or when moving eyebrow hairs to see the strokes beneath.

Our disposable spoolie brushes can be used to tame stray hairs on your client's eyebrows or to blend in applied make-up, keeping them under control and looking flawless! Perfect for parting brow hairs to see strokes during eyebrow pigmentation procedures.