All Grips

Killer Beauty stocks a range of high-quality grips that are the perfect fit for your permanent make-up machines. Our line-up of grips includes offerings from popular PMU brands like Microbeau and Cheyenne.

The Pendulum Grip is the perfect accompaniment to the Microbeau Bellar PMU machine and has been engineered to create a rocking motion, which is ideal for Powder Shading.

We also carry various fixed and disposable grips that are ideal to use with the Spektra Xion S PMU machine from Microbeau.

Cheyenne HAWK Grips are the ideal companions to the popular Cheyenne HAWK Spirit and HAWK Thunder PMU machines. The grips feature a click system, which makes swapping between cartridges quick and easy.

We also carry Cheyenne HAWK PEN Grips in various colours that will allow you to carry on working with your Cheyenne HAWK PEN PMU machine while your other grip is in the autoclave.

Cheyenne's Ergo Disposable Grips are sterile, single-use grips that are made from soft-touch material with an ergonomic design. Designed for use with the HAWK PEN, the Cheyenne D-Grips are available in three sizes: Long, One Inch, and Round.