Killer Beauty stocks a variety of table and floor lamps that are perfect for lighting up the work areas in your clinic and ensuring that you can see the true colours of what you're working on.

We carry a range of lighting from Daylight, a company renowned for its high-quality lamps that are ideal for use in PMU clinics.

Perfect your PMU skills with the Daylight Aura Ring Lamp, which features a high colour rendering index (CRI) of 90+ for accurate skin tone rendering and colour matching and allows you to work in perfect daylight wherever you are!

Flexibility meets stability with the Daylight Gemini Floor Lamp, which delivers high contrast and accurate colour matching, while keeping cool. It comes with dual shades that can be flexed to wherever you need them to shine and are very stable, so they will hold any position.

Daylight's Slimline LED floor and table lamps provide you with true colour matching, so you will be able to see the true colours of the PMU pigment in the skin.