Hand Tools

Killer Beauty stocks various microblading hand tools that are the perfect accompaniment to your microblades.

Introducing the Brow Slayer Microblades from the incredibly talented permanent make-up artist and instructor Jenn Boyd that are taking the PMU world by storm!

Jenn Boyd Ink Brow Slayer Microblades feature ultra-sharp needles made from medical-grade stainless steel. Perfect for creating a thin stroke that will match up with fine and medium textured brow hair.

We also carry the Jenn Boyd Ink Brow Slayer Disposable Microblading Tools - now your favourite Brow Slayer microblades are available in a one-piece disposable!

From Jenn Boyd also comes the Black Diamond Double Sided Disposable Microblading Handles that have been designed to hold blades and shaders.

The Jenn Boyd Ink Black Diamond Double Sides Disposable Microblading Handles will fit all Brow Slayer microblades, as well as most slope and U blade sizes.