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Eyebrow mapping is an important part of the brow shaping process, allowing permanent make-up artists to perfectly define the shape of the brow to suit their client's facial structure and symmetry.

Killer Beauty stocks various mapping tools to help you create the perfect brows, including eyebrow rulers and pencil razors.

Our own-branded Killer Beauty Eyebrow Rulers can be used to quickly and accurately measure brows. The brow rulers are transparent, allowing you to clearly see the skin or markings beneath, and are made from a cleanable plastic.

We also stock brow rulers that were created by the incredibly talented PMU artist and instructor Jenn Boyd. The Jenn Boyd Ink Brow Rulers features customisable guidelines for head, arch and tail points to make your pre-draw a piece of cake!

These single-use, disposable brow rulers work for both manual drawing and string mapping.