Pencils and Markers

Killer Beauty stocks a range of versatile, easy-to-use pencils in a variety of colours to suit all hair colours and skin tones.

Whether you are pre-drawing your outline, tidying up the brow for social media photos or making the brow area pop – we have a pencil to suit all your needs.

From reputable brands such as Tina Davies Professional & Buff Browz, these high-quality pencils are extremely creamy and glide onto the skin with ease. They can help create sharp, clean edges, and highlight the brow bone to beautify your results for the ultimate polished, Instagram-ready effect.

We also stock a range of skin markers in bold, visible colours, which can be used to map, shape and outline the brows pre-treatment. The quick-drying ink applied to clean skin will not fade or be rinsed away during the treatment, meaning no need to reapply any marker mid-treatment.