Tina Davies

Tina Davies microblading needles are made out of the highest-quality, surgical-grade 316 stainless steel, which is used for both the needles and the needle wrapper.

The needles within Tina Davies microblades are of a 0.25 mm gauge to prevent bending and ensure sharp strokes. The microblading needles are set at a 30-degree angle for optimal pigment application and ergonomics.

All Tina Davies microblades are fitted with a soft, non-slip handle for comfortable and precise handling, which features a built-in ruler to ensure even and symmetrical work. They also come with a protective cap to keep the needles sharp and straight until you need them.

Killer Beauty stocks four types of Tina Davies microblades: Classic, Curved, Shader, and U Needle.

The Tina Davies Classic Microblade is a highly-versatile microblade that can be used for details and fine hair strokes, as well as slim to fuller eyebrows, while the Tina Davies Curved Microblade is perfect for creating medium and full eyebrows.

The Tina Davies Shader Microblade allows PMU artists to either add realism to hair strokes or to create full powdered brows, whereas the Tina Davies U Needle Microblade allows you to create natural, flowing curved hair strokes.