Artyst cartridges

Designed and tested by some of the biggest names in the industry, Artyst cartridges have been specially created to help you step up your PMU game.

All needle cartridges are fitted with safety membranes to eliminate backflow and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, providing optimum safety during treatments. With their permanent makeup needle cartridges, Artyst have taken a minimalistic approach with a smaller, simple range which goes above and beyond in terms of quality and safety standards.

The Artyst PMU needle cartridges have a thinner design and are compatible with the Classic H1 permanent makeup machine. The Artyst by CHEYENNE cartridges have a universal-style connection, meaning they are compatible almost any PMU machine, giving artists the ultimate freedom.

The Artyst needle cartridge range has everything you need – from nano needles for ultra-fine hair strokes to shading needles for full lip blush. Try for yourself to see how effective and easy to use these simple, affordable cartridges are!