Kwadron cartridges

KWADRON has established a reputation for manufacturing some of the best permanent make-up cartridges around, with razor-sharp, flexible long taper needles that are grouped together with the highest possible precision.

KWADRON Cartridges feature a needle stabilising system, ensuring optimal performance of your needles. The tips are made from medical-grade plastic, so friction between the needle and tip will be minimal and your needles will stay sharp.

The KWADRON PMU Optima cartridges have been specifically-designed to meet the demands of permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation artists and are compatible with all PMU machines that accept Cheyenne-type cartridges.

KWADRON's PMU Optima Cartridges also feature the unique needle stabilising system that is present in the standard cartridges, which ensures optimal performance of your needles.

Sublime are the latest permanent make-up cartridges developed by KWADRON, designed to make work easier for PMU artists while still mainting the same excellent quality.

Compared to the original KWADRON magnum cartridges, the Sublime versions feature a new system that allows the needles to glide flat against the base of the tip, ensuring that they do not twist or bend during PMU procedures and resulting in significantly improved precision.

KWADRON has also added a special surface to the interior walls of these PMU cartridge tips for better and more even pigment flow.