Tina Davies cartridges

World-famous artist Tina Davies has used her wealth of expertise to develop the show-stopping Tina Davies Professional line which now includes permanent makeup needle cartridges.

The I Love Ink Precision cartridges have been designed by Tina herself to meet the demands of PMU artists everywhere in terms of accuracy, precision, comfort, control, and performance.

The super-flexible needles within the cartridges have been designed to mimic a brush stroke and implant pigment into the skin effortlessly, with maximum precision and minimal trauma. The elongated tip allows for a smooth, even pigment flow and the unique silicone finger ledge provides optimum comfort and control for the artist.

Available in multiple configurations and suitable for various PMU treatments, all cartridges are fitted with a patented safety membrane for hygiene purposes. The universal connection means the I Love Ink Precision cartridges are compatible with almost any rotary PMU machine.