Power Supplies

Killer Beauty stocks various high-quality power supplies from Cheyenne that will ensure a constant and reliable source of power to your permanent make-up machines.

The Cheyenne HAWK PU IV is ideal for the low-frequency operation of its SOL family of PMU machines, thanks to an operating voltage range from 4.7 to 12.5 Volts. PMU machines from other brands can also be easily connected via adapter cables.

The Cheyenne HAWK PU I and II are the recommended power supplies to use with Cheyenne's HAWK Spirit, Thunder and PEN permanent make-up machines. The Cheyenne HAWK PU I power supply has been designed for use with one PMU machine, whereas if you would like to connect two rotaries simultaneously, opt for the Cheyenne HAWK PU II power supply instead.

We also carry a range of cables, adapters and a footswitch from Cheyenne that are the perfect accompaniment to your PU power supplies.