The Cheyenne HAWK Thunder is the complete all-in-one permanent make-up machine, excelling in all aspects of PMU and micro-pigmentation work.

Compared to its predecessor, the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit, the HAWK Thunder features a new drive and optimised Precision DC motor, resulting in a PMU machine that offers fast strokes and quick punctures.

The low-vibration motor within the Cheyenne HAWK Thunder allows for fatigue-free working, even during longer permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation sessions.

The Cheyenne HAWK Thunder permanent make-up machine also received an increase stroke length of 4 mm, which guarantees the utmost precision during PMU procedures.

As with the HAWK Spirit PMU machine, the Cheyenne HAWK Thunder has a similar lightweight, ergonomic design, which again contributes to perfect handling without straining your wrist during longer permanent make-up procedures.